About the company

First step

Thanks to the support of partners, the dream became a reality and the successful start of our company – the “DagoStyle”shoe factory – took place in 2014. Every big business story begins with a formula – Leader + Dream + Support + Team.

  • Leader
  • Dream
  • Support
  • Team

Second step

The shattered and neglected premises of the shoe giant have begun to transform into working and modern workshops and offices for a large team. The latest technology, safety and comfort are what guided the factory’s directors. Light and large workshops with high-tech equipment, designers, warehouses, canteens and seating areas … all this was planned and implemented over 5 years and will undoubtedly continue to be implemented and improved.

year of foundation

Third step is the team

The factory employs more than 140 people. Fashion designers, tailors, foundry, pouring shops, packing shops, sewing shops, embroiderers, technical and office workers, warehouse workers, managers, cleaners, security guards, loaders, drivers – these are all capital letters specialists and part of the powerful TEAM . Also, from December 2018, “DagoStyle” branded store opened and successfully operated.

team members

At the moment, ``Dago Style`` is one of the largest shoe factories in Western Ukraine that is steadily stepping forward, gaining momentum and expanding the boundaries of cooperation. And most importantly, Dago Style is a large and friendly family.

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