Boots with faux fur and a decorative buckle
Boots decorated with fur and metal ornament, with a zipper
Boots with fur with a metal decor
Man's boots with fur and a decoration
Children's puffer shoes with fur and a velcro
Galoshes with fur
Winter boots with fur
Winter boots with fur and with a zipper
Combo shoes with fur
Woman's galoshes with fur
EVA slippers for women
Women's EVA Y-shape slippers
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    New technologies

    «DaGo Style» produces models of EVA and PVC materials using new manufacturing technologies.

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    High-quality materials

    Factory «DaGo Style» produces models that have improved durability and

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    The range of products

    Factory «DaGo Style» produces shoes’ models for men, women, teen
    and children.

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    3D picture technology

    «DaGo Style» is one of the first factories which has mastered the technology for drawing 3D pictures on shoes.

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